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On Competitive Advantage

On Competitive Advantage

10 competitive advantages you can start developing today

To outperform, you need serious competitive advantages.

But contrary to what you have been told, most of them don't require talent.

10 competitive advantages that you can start developing today:

1. Intellectual Curiosity

Intellectual curiosity is a real-world superpower.

We all have it, but most will never embrace it.

For the curious mind, anything is possible.

Fortune favors the curious mind.

2. Comfort with Discomfort

We are conditioned to avoid discomfort, so most of us do.

The problem?

Discomfort leads to growth. It is an absolute necessity.

If you train yourself to accept and embrace discomfort, you will always have an edge.

3. Simplify Where Others Complicate

"The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple."

Complexity and jargon are often used to mask a lack of deep understanding.

Learn to convey extremely complex ideas in simple, digestible ways.

Find beauty in simplicity.

4. High Tolerance for Failure

We fear failure, so most of us play it safe to avoid it.

But our greatest moments of growth often stem directly from our greatest failures.

Do not accept failure, but do not fear it either.

You will fail. Embrace it. Learn to fail smart and fast.

5. Low Time Preference

Life is a long game.

Those with low time preference play it more effectively - they happily delay gratification to build real value.

In a world of people seeking instant gratification, this is a meaningful edge.

6. Antifragility

In Greek mythology, the Hydra is a creature that has multiple heads. Every time one head is cut off, two grow back in its place.

Life is random and chaotic.

Do not be broken by this chaos and disorder; rather, adopt a mentality that you will benefit from it.

7. Presence

With the rise of technology - and the instant access to millions of people and things that it has provided - the ability to be truly present has become a rarity.

When you are with someone - whether a new business contact, friend, or partner - be WITH them.

Be present.

8. Relentless Consistency

Many people are able to produce bursts of energy. Few people are able to produce consistent, steady flows of energy.

The former might be flashy, but the latter is relentless.

Take pride in punching the clock - in showing up - day in, day out.

9. Noise Cancellation

The world is a noisy place. We are constantly hammered by stimuli competing for our attention.

The ability to cancel out the noise - to truly focus on the task at hand - is both broadly applicable and extremely powerful.

10. Be Yourself

The most important competitive advantage.

Always be yourself.

No one can compete with you, at being you.

These are 10 competitive advantages that do not require talent. What are some others that you would add to the list?

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Until next time, stay curious, friends!

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