Hello Sahil,

Great Job! Your content is amazing and has been very helpful to me both personally and professionally!

Do you have a framework explaining how you got to scale your newsletter to 57,000+ subscribers? Do you have any recommendations? Just started a newsletter 3 months ago and would love to learn more from you and your strategies to growing a newsletter. Thankyou!

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Dec 29, 2021Liked by Sahil Bloom

This was my first newsletter from you, Sahil, and the articles you've linked here are really, really good. Thought-provoking and curiosity-inducing, as the name itself suggests. Great job, and continue the good work. Thanks!

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100% agree with this positivity: "More than anything else, I’m just excited to continue learning alongside all of you. The future is so damn bright!"

The most important thing I learned in 2021 was the value of developing more finely tuned communications skills:

Communication Insights From Movies: Five Films To Help You Communicate Better


Happy New Year To All!!

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