I recently decided to commit to writing a newsletter on Substack. I’ve been wanting to improve my writing skills but needed to decide how exactly I wanted to do it. After reading newsletters on Substack (including yours) I thought this would be a good place to start. I have to say your newsletter has been very motivating and inspiring to me to get up the courage for my own. I guess this is me stating my intentions publicly. 😳 I like the idea of working 30 minutes for 30 days because it’s not that intimidating to work for 30 min and even if you are super busy usually you can carve out 30 minutes of time to dedicate elsewhere. Also I think the idea of “not breaking the chain” invokes a similar kind of response in the brain as wanting to keep a Snapchat streak going.

Keep up the great content! 🙌

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Jun 16, 2022Liked by Sahil Bloom

Hell Yeah! This 30-for-30 Challenge is really interesting. Especially that "Intensity+Consistency" combo.

Being a high school students, I have a lot on my table. Academics, ECs, managing my company, summer internship, College Applications and my podcast; so manaing all of this become hectic at times. I'm sure this challenge is gonna simply all of that in the basic 30 min sessions of each. (Academics being an expection. You don't wanna frustrate your Indian parents with an A- in Math. It will require much more than 30 min.)

@sahil I'll keep you posted on Twitter about my progress.

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The 30-day challenge is a great way to improve everything/anything and I'm happy you highlighted it this week. Thank you for that. I recently did that with using Instagram differently to engage with new people and it's a perfect amount of time. It takes 28 days to form a new habit, 30 days is helping you make it a routine.

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Jun 15, 2022Liked by Sahil Bloom

The concept of 30 for 30 is exactly how I achieved a work-life balance in med school. Made nonfiction reading, meditating daily habits for 15 minutes until they stuck. That allowed me to gain advantages in other areas where other med students don’t really see. Has paid massive dividends!

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Went and explored drex_jpg's twitter after reading this article. LOVED it.

Great collaboration.

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